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Month: iulie 2014

31 iul., 2014

The meta isn ADC and real mid laners

hermes belt replica aaa „Sterling was a black man who lived in an America that consistently devalues, disrespects and destroys black lives,”HuffPost Black Voices editor Lilly Workneh wrotein July. „Now is not the time to stay silent about these injustices. Black men and women have raised their voices to declare that black lives matter and […]

30 iul., 2014

Even if the columns add up to zero

Police in Russia detained more than 1,000 people as protests broke out across the country. The demonstrators are unhappy with a proposed government pension overhaul that would raise the retirement age. The protests were organized by supporters of Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader who is under administrative arrest for organizing an unsanctioned rally in the […]