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Month: martie 2016

23 mart., 2016

Without her Uncle David’s abdication

Archit Chenoy, director, RepIndia says in a press note Furla Outlet, „We look forward to partnering with Fortis Healthcare. With a widespread network of over 40 medical facilities in India along with an established global presence, Fortis provides world class healthcare across a wide range of specialties. Our team is gearing up for the challenges […]

21 mart., 2016

There are only three speeds on this toy

Legend has it the festival honors a blacksmith who created a gigantic iron dildo to slay an evil spirit that had taken up residence in a young woman’s vagina. The festival originated at the Shinto shrine called Wakamiya Hachimangu, once frequented by meshimori onna, the waitress hookers who serviced travelers at the popular rest stop […]